Thursday, 3 May 2012

Who's in so far?

With less than a week to go we have 13 teams but there's still time if you want in! It's all for a good cause, so if you are undecided, now's the time to sign up!

So far we have

Player Player Army Army
Marc-Andre Renaud James Ryan Dark Eldar Chaos Marines
Lee Baxter Linton Harrison Orks Orks
James Rosso Steve Franks Necrons Necrons
Gary Sacco Justin Thompson Necrons Necrons
Carson Sawatsky Dan Hope Chaos Marines Imperial Guard
Adam Sarophim Mike Inaba Tau Grey Knights
Eric Mackenzie Bobby Nice Imperial Guard Chaos Space Marines
Mark Wakeham Josh Steinhilber Space Wolves Dark Angels
Paul Forbes Adrian Blood Angels Dark Angels
Les Sohier Jason Dyer Imperial Guard Imperial Guard
Darwin Yuen Ryan McGechaen Imperial Guard Grey Knights
Matthew Burke Devin Haverty Blood Angels Grey Knights
Nick Daniels Kiel Skriver Imperial Guard Blood Angels

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