Monday, 14 May 2012

Thanks - and the results!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who attended Teamhammer on Saturday, I hope you all enjoyed playing as much as I enjoyed organising it. I want to single out a few people for special thanks, Dan for allowing us to use his store, Matthew, James and Marc for helping get the tables ready when I was running late, Paul for making the logo, Ryan from Relic for the raffle prizes and A-Club for letting us use their terrain!

I'm pleased to say we raised $406 for the Victoria Hospice, which in the interest of full disclosure works out as follows:

Entrancee fees: $420
Raffle takings: $136
Prizes: $150

I will be Providing Paul with a cheque in the next few days to take to the hospice when he visits in a few weeks.

The tournament results are given below, congratulations to Adam and Mike for taking 3 of the 4 categories! I've asterisked who got the prize, as we had the you can only win once rule is place.

Best Generals

1 The Better Abusement Park901277
2 Team Awesome Sauce*801551
3 The Abusement Park701650
4 Team Bad Guy701612
5 Angels of Death701485
6 Da Momma's Boys70440
7 Da Thick Green Line601071
8 Ka'bandha's Doom60903
9 Counts As Winning60785
10 God Dammit Marcus Where's Maria!? Meeeeh! 501376
11 Me Myself and I50972
12 Choosers of the Slain40635
13 Don't Know40330
14 Cannon Fodder30846

Best Painting
1 Adam Sarophim6
2 Darwin Yuen *6
3 Steve Franks5
4 Kiel Skriver2
5 Carson Sawatsky2
6 Marc-Andre Renaud1
7 Adrian Trollip1
8 Ryan McGechaen1
9 Dan Hope1

Renaissance Men

1 The Better Abusement Park *
2= Abusement Park
2= Team Awesome Sauce
4 Counts As Winning
5 Angels of Death
6 Don't Know
7 Choosers of the Slain

 Favoutie Opponent

1 Les Sohier *4
2= Nick Daniels2
2= Lee Baxter2
2= Kiel Skriver2
2= Carson Sawatsky2
6= Adam Sarophim1
6= Steve Franks1
6= Paul Forbes 1
6= Mike Inaba1
6= Matthew Burke1
6= Mark Wakenham1
6= Devin Haverty1
6= Darwin Yuen1
6= Dan Hope1
6= Adrian Trollip1

Thanks again, if we can, will do this again next, hope to see you all back to try again - I have a list of stuff to improve, so it should be even better! :)

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  1. Thanks for posting the results, but most of all, kudos for a great tournament. Even though the Dark Eldar/Chaos Marines combo didn't yield the expected result, I had a blast.

    The only suggestion I would make for next year would be to have some type round-based achievement prize, such as first one to the break a unit.