Wednesday, 25 September 2013

We're back!

Having taken a year off due to having to relocate from Canada back to the UK, Teamhammer 40k will be back in 2014. Next year's event will be held on the 1st of February at Dreamlike Gaming in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, UK.

I'll update this with more details and an updated event pack shortly, but I can tell you that the charity for this event will be Macmillan Nurses

Other details will be:

  • 3 games
  • Each team is 2000 points (1000 each), split across a single force org between the 2 players but each player must include 1 HQ and 1 troop choice
  • Players use the allies matrix to work out how their guys interact with their teammate's units
  • Allies themselves are not allowed (that's why you have a teammate with potentially a different army!)
  • Forgeworld 40k units are in, Forgeworld lists are out though

£20 per team (so a tenner each)

There will some token prizes for the best team etc, and then a raffle for any wargaming goodies we get donated. You will be given some tickets when you arrive to cast for whichever prize you want, and you will be able to buy extra tickets on the day to improve your chances.

We'll be announcing sponsors as we secure them, but I can say that I'll be providing a kit from Great White Miniatures (

Monday, 14 May 2012

Thanks - and the results!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who attended Teamhammer on Saturday, I hope you all enjoyed playing as much as I enjoyed organising it. I want to single out a few people for special thanks, Dan for allowing us to use his store, Matthew, James and Marc for helping get the tables ready when I was running late, Paul for making the logo, Ryan from Relic for the raffle prizes and A-Club for letting us use their terrain!

I'm pleased to say we raised $406 for the Victoria Hospice, which in the interest of full disclosure works out as follows:

Entrancee fees: $420
Raffle takings: $136
Prizes: $150

I will be Providing Paul with a cheque in the next few days to take to the hospice when he visits in a few weeks.

The tournament results are given below, congratulations to Adam and Mike for taking 3 of the 4 categories! I've asterisked who got the prize, as we had the you can only win once rule is place.

Best Generals

1 The Better Abusement Park901277
2 Team Awesome Sauce*801551
3 The Abusement Park701650
4 Team Bad Guy701612
5 Angels of Death701485
6 Da Momma's Boys70440
7 Da Thick Green Line601071
8 Ka'bandha's Doom60903
9 Counts As Winning60785
10 God Dammit Marcus Where's Maria!? Meeeeh! 501376
11 Me Myself and I50972
12 Choosers of the Slain40635
13 Don't Know40330
14 Cannon Fodder30846

Best Painting
1 Adam Sarophim6
2 Darwin Yuen *6
3 Steve Franks5
4 Kiel Skriver2
5 Carson Sawatsky2
6 Marc-Andre Renaud1
7 Adrian Trollip1
8 Ryan McGechaen1
9 Dan Hope1

Renaissance Men

1 The Better Abusement Park *
2= Abusement Park
2= Team Awesome Sauce
4 Counts As Winning
5 Angels of Death
6 Don't Know
7 Choosers of the Slain

 Favoutie Opponent

1 Les Sohier *4
2= Nick Daniels2
2= Lee Baxter2
2= Kiel Skriver2
2= Carson Sawatsky2
6= Adam Sarophim1
6= Steve Franks1
6= Paul Forbes 1
6= Mike Inaba1
6= Matthew Burke1
6= Mark Wakenham1
6= Devin Haverty1
6= Darwin Yuen1
6= Dan Hope1
6= Adrian Trollip1

Thanks again, if we can, will do this again next, hope to see you all back to try again - I have a list of stuff to improve, so it should be even better! :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

New logo!

Thanks to Paul, and with permission from Wim (Wobbly Model Syndrome) we now have a new logo!

Monday, 7 May 2012

No Whitewash! (or indeed any other colour)

Update, painting requirement has been relaxed in order to fill spaces - if this was stopping you, it's now no longer an obstacle!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Who's in so far?

With less than a week to go we have 13 teams but there's still time if you want in! It's all for a good cause, so if you are undecided, now's the time to sign up!

So far we have

Player Player Army Army
Marc-Andre Renaud James Ryan Dark Eldar Chaos Marines
Lee Baxter Linton Harrison Orks Orks
James Rosso Steve Franks Necrons Necrons
Gary Sacco Justin Thompson Necrons Necrons
Carson Sawatsky Dan Hope Chaos Marines Imperial Guard
Adam Sarophim Mike Inaba Tau Grey Knights
Eric Mackenzie Bobby Nice Imperial Guard Chaos Space Marines
Mark Wakeham Josh Steinhilber Space Wolves Dark Angels
Paul Forbes Adrian Blood Angels Dark Angels
Les Sohier Jason Dyer Imperial Guard Imperial Guard
Darwin Yuen Ryan McGechaen Imperial Guard Grey Knights
Matthew Burke Devin Haverty Blood Angels Grey Knights
Nick Daniels Kiel Skriver Imperial Guard Blood Angels

Friday, 27 April 2012


Some people have asked questions re rules, so for anyone else wondering:

- All IA is in, except Superheavies (i.e. anything from Imperial Armour books and appropriate Imperial Armour Apocalypse entries)

- IA fliers count as skimmers in regular 40K

- IA Elysian drop troops counts as IG on the allies matrix, and their Flyers count as skimmers for the Lightning and the Thunderbolt, use the original profiles, not any from IAA.

- Prizes, there's a copy and paste error here and some confusion
  • The Best General prize is awarded to a team, so if Team A wins, then both members of Team A get a prize.
  • Renaissance Man (Men) works like the Best General
  • The Best Painted, whilst scoring for the team will only be awarded to an individual.
  • Favourite Opponent is awarded individually, but only counts towards a prize not your overall score.

more to be added as asked....

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Good news and clarifications

Great news everyone - we have 10 teams already, with a few provisionals that I expect to confirm very shortly. I'll post up who's in so far, shortly, and anyone else on the fence can decide if they want to join the fun! :)

Oh I realise there's a little mistake in the info pack - the prizes are awarded to the team (so each prize is something for each team member), with the exception of the painting prize which is on an individual basis. I'll fix the document and upload it again tonight so everything is clear.