Friday, 27 April 2012


Some people have asked questions re rules, so for anyone else wondering:

- All IA is in, except Superheavies (i.e. anything from Imperial Armour books and appropriate Imperial Armour Apocalypse entries)

- IA fliers count as skimmers in regular 40K

- IA Elysian drop troops counts as IG on the allies matrix, and their Flyers count as skimmers for the Lightning and the Thunderbolt, use the original profiles, not any from IAA.

- Prizes, there's a copy and paste error here and some confusion
  • The Best General prize is awarded to a team, so if Team A wins, then both members of Team A get a prize.
  • Renaissance Man (Men) works like the Best General
  • The Best Painted, whilst scoring for the team will only be awarded to an individual.
  • Favourite Opponent is awarded individually, but only counts towards a prize not your overall score.

more to be added as asked....

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