Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Charity is Chosen (and some more event details)

Via a semi-democratic process we have chosen a charity for this year's event, and I'm pleased to announce that it is:

Details of what the Victoria Hospice does can be found on their homepage http://www.victoriahospice.org/. I like to support charities in this line of work, as a similar organisation in the UK was very helpful to a friend and his family after he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, some years ago. We will be donating all of the takings from the tournament less what we spend on prizes, which will not be extravagant, to the VHS.

I can also announce some other details too.

Date: Saturday 12th of May
Location: Gamestars in Langley http://gamestars.ca/
Price: $30
Size: 10 - 20 teams (depending on how many tables we can use)
Games: 3